Ethan & Choco's Book Club

Striving to make access to books and reading a core part of the care that SuperKids receive in the hospital, with the principal premise that literacy support for children fighting cancer and other life-threatening conditions can help promote cognitive development and social connections that are part of thriving through treatment and beyond

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Please Support the BOOK IT 2020 Virtual Book Drive!

Have you donated yet to ECBC’s BOOK IT 2020 Virtual bBook Drive?Due to COVID, we are unable to have our annual charity run. But our local hospitalized kids still need high-quality books and reading experiences! In fact, they need these now more than ever, with the usual CHOC volunteers, visitors, and entertainment suspended for safety reasons. We are working hard to fund our programs that don’t depend on volunteers entering the hospital — including our book bags for kids newly diagnosed with cancer and virtual book club sponsorships for teens that include a Kindle and a year’s worth of e-books (see below for all donation levels). Please donate if you can and help us continue to help hospitalized kids thrive through treatment! Make a monetary contribution at:

Click image above to donate

Even better, use this same link to “become a fundraiser” with your own BOOK IT donation page. Or, if you’d rather donate a book directly from our Amazon Wish List, click HERE. If you can’t donate, please help us spread the word by sharing this post!

BOOK IT 2020 Book Drive Donation Levels:

$20 Provide a hardcover book for bedside reading
$50 Provide 5 gifting library books for patients in isolation
$125 Sponsor a book bag for a new cancer diagnosis$250 Sponsor a teen with cancer for 1 yr in a virtual book clu
$500 Contribute 50 Halloween books for BOO-KS for Treats
$1000 Fund 1 month of Outpatient Infusion Center books

$2500 Sponsor one year of ECBC book storage space rental
$5000 Re-stock entire Mobile Gifting Library Cart

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Introducing Ethan’s Digital Read-Alouds for CHOC patients

Hi Ethan & Choco’s Book Club friends and supporters! Just a quick update from ECBC… CHOC halted all of our programs about two weeks ago due to the Coronavirus outbreak, since our programs all depend on our volunteers visiting the hospital. So, Ethan decided to create a read-aloud show (pre-recorded from home) where he shares his favorite children’s literature — to be broadcasted in patient rooms by Seacrest Studios (CHOC’s radio station). This way, ECBC can still bring high-quality read-aloud to hospitalized kids, and kids can still receive regular read-alouds that help them to escape, think, and thrive through treatment! Today, Seacrest Studios aired the first show! ECBC supporters, please share with your own kids if they are interested in listening to a good story! #StorytimeWithEthanandChoco #VisitorForBear #ECBC #ReadThinkThrive #ThriveAgainstCancer #StayStrongAndReadOn

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Ethan’s Thank You and Book Request Video – January 2020

Click image to view Ethan’ s January Thank You & Book Request Video

Here’s Ethan’s first monthly thank you and book request video of the new year. As in the past, Ethan first thanks ECBC’s most recent donors. Then, Ethan asks for specific books that ECBC most needs. This year, each month Ethan will be asking for the books that he requested in our initial year of bookraising for ECBC, back in 2016 — when he made a “Book Look video” of a favorite book on each day of the year, for 366 straight days. Please check out this video to learn more. The wish list (CLICK HERE) contains all of the titles that he requested each day of the month in 2016 and now again in 2020, with the number of copies of the title that ECBC still needs. As with all our wish lists, all books purchased from this list will be sent directly to ECBC. If you’d like to check out the video book review plug that Ethan made four years ago for any of the books on the list, the links to each of the videos are provided at the bottom of this post.

Thank you so much for supporting ECBC’s growing programs at CHOC Children’s Hospital!

Link to Amazon “Book Look” Wish List: CLICK HERE

Links to Ethan’s January Book Look video plugs from 2016

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Happy Holidays From ECBC!

Another great day at CHOC reading aloud and gifting holiday stories to oncology and neurology patients! We also delivered Hanukkah books and treats to CHOC’s Meditation and Prayer Center to add to their nightly Hanukkah celebration! May you read some favorite holiday stories this season and create cherished holiday stories of your own!

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BOO-KS for Treats #3 Was a Success!

ECBC had a BLAST yesterday hosting our 3rd annual BOO-KS for Treats at CHOC’s Halloween event! We gave away approximately 400 new high-quality Halloween-themed books to patients and their siblings who trick-or-treated at the hospital, and we then delivered another 100 Halloween books to CHOC’s Outpatient Infusion Center. This is a favorite event for ECBC — it’s so fun to be behind the thrill that kiddos (and their parents) express when coming up on our booth and realizing they get to pick out a wonderful book or two (or five!) to add to their stash of candy and trinkets!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Halloween book drive leading up to BOO-KS for Treats — which requires a large number of specific titles to be collected quite quickly! A huge thank you to the National League of Young Men Yorba Linda (Class of 2023) for the amazing collection of books that you donated for this event, and also for creating BOO-KS for Treats bookmarks and writing personal notes to patients — we handed these out with the books and they were a great addition to our booth! Thank you also to Arroyo families for purchasing Halloween books to donate at the Scholastic Book Fair as well as to Sharon and Tod Paris, Nick and Pat Kliebert, the Stubblefield family, Christine Russell, and Susie Alexander for their significant book donations. And, thank you to all other donors who sent books from our Amazon Wish list or dropped a book in ECBC’s book box. We so appreciate our community’s support in making this event happen!

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Triple Play Thursday!

ECBC had a fun and productive Thursday this week, getting books and reading to three different areas of CHOC! ECBC teamed up with MaxLove Project’s BeSuper Party for our monthly Super Book Give-Away in the hospital lobby, where we gave away books to patients and siblings of all ages. Next, we delivered books to the Outpatient Infusion Center, re-stocking their shelves with 150 new books. Finally, ECBC’s expert Bedside Readers read aloud to the Oncology and Neurology and patients on the 5th floor while also giving away books to patients in isolation using our mobile book cart. So fun to reach so many patients at CHOC today!

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More Bedside Readers, More Thriving through Books

ECBC is so excited to have Mary Kay Viscounty (reading intervention teacher in Tustin Unified School District) join our team of Bedside Readers at CHOC Children’s Hospital! Our crew of expert readers (all educators, reading/literary specialists, and psychologists) is growing, and we’re reaching more kids! Hoping to expand soon to other patient floors beyond oncology and neurology.

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Ethan’s June Title Talk (and May Thank-Yous)

Here’s Ethan’s June 2017 Title Talk (#6), the list of books he hopes will be donated to ECBC in the month of June! Please donate hardcover (for the permanent Lending Library) or paperback (for the Gifting Library for kids in isolation) versions of these books, or any new book, from ECBC’s Amazon Wish List and help us build a library at CHOC Children’s Hospital! Books will be sent directly to ECBC. The link to the wish list is:

In this video, Ethan also thanks all of our May book donors, including several Arroyo teachers whose classes donated books through the Scholastic Book Order program — a great way for schools to support a local cause! Ethan also thanks our awesome local bookstore,Once Upon a Storybook for their ongoing monthly donations (from loyal customers as well as from the store itself). Thank you so much to our donors for continuing to keep the book donations coming!


Click here for Ethan’s June Title Talk video.
Click here to purchase books to donate off our Amazon Wish List.

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Girl Scout Troop #3115 Packages Ten Read+Think+Thrive Boxes for Kids Battling Cancer

This week, ECBC and Girl Scout Troop #3115 (a small troop of just six 5th graders in Orange, CA) had our first mini packaging day of Ethan’s Read + Think +Thrive (RTT) Boxes. RTT boxes are reading kits filled with ten new books curated by age and gender of child, as well as a toolbox of art supplies and an invitation for kids to participate in Ethan’s Read+Think+Thrive Challenge (a nudge to do a little thinking about a book in the box by responding with artwork or writing). These boxes will be gifted to kids in isolation at CHOC Hospital (since isolated patients won’t be able to borrow books from the Lending Library), and we also plan to send them to kids who are battling cancer and other life-threatening conditions in hospitals around the country. 

At the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, Troop #3115 teamed up with ECBC to work on their Bronze Award, which is the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. When we met this troop, the RTT boxes were a recently conceived idea of Ethan’s and in the “it would be so cool if” phase, and we had sent out just one box to a Leukemia Warrior who had just received a bone marrow transplant in San Francisco. This troop liked the idea of the reading kits, and they wanted to help us start this program. They joined ECBC at the Orange County Children’s Book Festival last September and collected more than 100 new books from authors and publishers. They also made beautiful ornaments and beanies, which they sold at our holiday book drive at SOCO and the OC Mix in December. We purchased the art supplies with the proceeds of the girls’ sales, and together we had enough books and supplies to create 10 Read+Think+Thrive Boxes. We then wrote “RTT Box decorating guidelines”, and the girls did a beautiful job decorating the sides and top flaps of the ten boxes. And then the girls joined Ethan for a packaging day, where they stamped the 100 books and wrote in donor names, sorted and packed the boxes with the books and supplies, and completed a “Thrive Buddy” reading response activity  to be included in each RTT Box and hopefully inspire recipients to do a response too. 

We so appreciate this troop’s hard work, and we’re super excited to have our first ten awesome reading kits ready to be given to hospitalized kids who have limited access to books! We’re also excited that this troop has decided to keep working with ECBC over the next school year to build  our RTT Box program and help get more girl scout troops and other youth groups involved. Thank you Troop #3115 for your hard work and commitment to ECBC!  If your youth group is interested in getting involved and supporting ECBC, either as a single event or as an ongoing partnership, please email us at

Here are some more photos from Troop #3115’s RTT Box packaging day this week: