Ethan & Choco's Book Club

Striving to make access to books and reading a core part of the care that SuperKids receive in the hospital, with the principal premise that literacy support for children fighting cancer and other life-threatening conditions can help promote cognitive development and social connections that are part of thriving through treatment and beyond

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PLEASE participate in BOOK IT 2022 — It’s virtual and super easy!

ECBC will not be hosting our annual in-person  fundraising event again this year. Continued uncertainty regarding Covid-19 at the time that event decisions had to be made, along with significant upfront event costs, posed too great a risk for our tiny nonprofit. We are, however, conducting a virtual run and book drive  — and WE NEED YOUR HELP MORE THAN EVER! 

Please support BOOK IT 2022 by participating in our RUN 5 DONATE 5 NOMINATE 5 Challenge! It involves these 3 simple steps: 

  1. RUN 5! Run, walk, cycle, or swim 5 miles, kilometers, or minutes.
  2. DONATE 5!  Donate 5 of something that we need for our various book and reading programs at CHOC, such as 5 books, book bags, Kindles, or months of book cart re-stocking. Donate and select donation level at
  3. NOMINATE 5! After running 5 and donating 5, take a photo of yourself with a children’s book. Share it on social media, tag 5 people, and ask them to do these same 3 steps. Include the above link to the donation site and #BOOKIT2022 with your post.

Other ways you can help include:

  • Help us spread the word by sharing the link to our donation site OR by sharing the digital file below — by text/email/social media or you can print hard copies. 
  • Create your own fundraising page on This will give you a unique URL to share to your community so that they donate directly to your page. This is especially great for groups, such as sports teams, philanthropic groups, or community businesses. 
  • Donate a book directly. Click HERE to access the BOOK IT 2021 Amazon Wish List. 

Digital/printable BOOK IT 2022 flyer to share:

THANK YOU for helping kids thrive through treatment with high-quality books and reading experiences!

SAVE THE DATE! SEPTEMBER 4 2023! THANK YOU for BOOKing IT with ECBC to support cognitive health and thrivership through books and reading at CHOC Children’s Hospital!  BOOK IT! will return next year with our onsite walk/run events, community book drive, and literary costume contest. Mark your calendars!

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A HUGE thank you to Kristin Chahbazian/Studio 17 for her super generous donation to ECBC! Recently, Kristin hosted a book drive at her Tustin-based salon where she asked her clients to donate books in lieu of giving her a monetary tip. Her amazing clients donated a total of 91 new books — mostly all popular, high-interest titles! What an amazing way to inspire community to support our cause — by turning her usual monetary tips into books for kids at CHOC Children’s Hospital! We are so very grateful for Kristin’s philanthropic heart!

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A Most MAGNIFICENT donation!

We just received the MOST AMAZING book donation, thanks to ECBC bedside reader and longtime supporter Fenny Kogenge! Upon the recent passing of Fenny’s father-in-law, Fenny asked for book donations from family and friends in his memory, rather than flowers. We created an Amazon wish list of the many titles that ECBC most needs, and the response was truly tremendous. The books were sent directly to Fenny, and she had all of the titles on display at the beautiful celebration of life that she hosted at her home. Additionally, Fenny (@Fenny’s Flowers) created twenty gorgeous succulent arrangements and auctioned them off in an online silent auction, where she used 100% of the proceeds to purchase additional books from the wish list. Fenny collected and just delivered a combined total of 540 books — all high quality wonderful titles, all bookplated with custom book plates in memory of Gene Kokenge. THANK YOU Fenny for this tremendous and creative bookraising effort — it is by far the most significant donation of the past year and much needed due to the volume of books we are gifting regularly to kids at CHOC Children’s Hospital. And thank you to Jason and Georgia; we are so grateful that they wanted to honor their father and husband in this way. We can’t wait to get these wonderful books into the hands of kids at CHOC who are battling cancer and other life-threatening conditions! #booksinsteadofflowers #bookdrive #books4CHOC #thriveagainstcancer #readthinkthrive

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Last 2 days of 2020 to make an end-of-year gift!

If you’d like to make an end-of-year gift to ECBC, now is the time! .Per hospital restrictions due to Covid, ECBC has temporarily shifted away from our low-cost volunteer1based reading programs and towards 100% book gifting. So our costs are way up, while our usual incoming book donations are way down (since schools and philanthropies aren’t having their usual book fairs and onsite book collection events). Which means ECBC needs help more than ever, as do the hospitalized kids we serve (since patients aren’t getting the usual volunteers and visitors which are so vital to keeping them entertained and happy).

To make a 100% tax-deductible gift of any size, use the button below:

To set up a recurring donation to ECBC via PayPal, click HERE:

THANK YOU for helping ECBC to keep providing hospitalized kids with high-quality, curated children’s literature during this especially difficult time.

Ethan & Choco’s Book Club is a public benefit, non-profit corporation, EIN83-2934289.

Cancer warrior and CHOC patient Blake upon receiving a Read+Think+Thrive Bag after his recent relapse with brain cancer.

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BOOK IT 2020 Final Countdown: 4 DAYS TO GO!

The 27th way that ECBC helps hospitalized kids thrive is more of a “future way” that we hope to grow into — which is to help provide parents with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to support their kids’ reading and cognitive health while in the hospital and through life-altering treatment. Until now, this has largely been through our bedside readers modeling for parents the importance of reading aloud as part of kids’ treatment, the types of books to choose, and how to read aloud in engaging ways that support them cognitive and emotionally. During their reading sessions, bedside readers have also had informal conversations with parents about these things. The hope for 2021/when our volunteers can return to CHOC in person is to host regular “Parents as Literacy Partners” workshops, which will be mini science-based seminar+discussion style sessions with guidance, practical tips, and materials for parents to use with their kids. We hope these will empower parents to make books and reading part of their daily hospital and home treatment plan! For now, ECBC has a “parent tips” pamphlet available to parents at CHOC (soon to be accessible on our website), which is our first go at starting this conversation more formally with parents. We are excited to expand from this into parent workshops as soon as we can!

If you haven’t yet supported BOOK IT 2020, please consider donating at a level that represents how you might have participated if we were in-person this year: cost of your registration to run ($40), cost of your family to run ($160 for family of four), online book drive donation (an additional $20 for a hardcover lending library book or $125 for a book bag for a new cancer diagnosis at CHOC).To donate, go to THANK YOU for supporting BOOK IT and helping to honor cancer warriors during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

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ECBC is now in the final week of the BOOK IT 2020 virtual book drive — our online effort to fundraise and bookraise since we couldn’t have our onsite charity run this year. We are currently 2/3 the way to our fundraising goal — Please help ECBC keep going until BOOK IT 2021— next September! Hospitalized kids need books now more than ever, and we’re about to re-start some of our programs at CHOC in covid-modified ways. 

To wrap up BOOK IT 2020 as well as honor Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, each day of September I have been sharing a way that ECBC helps hospitalized kids to thrive with books and reading.  I will finish off the last week of BOOK IT with seven more days of thrive ways. For today, September 24th, the 24th way that ECBC helps hospitalized kids thrive is by offering high-quality nonfiction/informational text for patients of all ages. Nonfiction/informational text is so important for kids to read for many reasons, including because it helps build world knowledge, it can be matched to kids’ interests and hence facilitate positive attitudes about reading, it comprises the majority of reading that kids do across academic content areas and in “real life” so kids need to learn comprehension skills for success with informational text (which are different than narrative/stories).ECBC makes a hard effort, across all of our programs, to make sure that patients get some access to the nonfiction/informational books. However, we currently have very few informational texts. Please help!

If you haven’t yet supported BOOK IT 2020, please consider donating at a level that represents how you might have participated if we were in-person this year: cost of your registration to run ($40), cost of your family to run ($160 for family of four), online book drive donation (an additional $20 for a hardcover lending library book or $125 for a book bag for a new cancer diagnosis at CHOC).To donate, go to To donate a nonfiction book directly, go to ECBC’s BOOK IT Amazon wish list (CLICK HERE) and use keyword “nonfiction” in the search box to locate books. All books purchased from this list will be sent directly to ECBC. #BOOKIT2020 #nonfiction #infotext #books4choc #thriveagainstcancer #childhoodcancerawarenessmonth 

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30 Ways ECBC Helps Cancer Warriors Thrive Through Treatment: Day #22 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 22. The 22nd way that ECBC helps hospitalized kids thrive through treatment is by participating in larger hospital events by giving away books, hosting storytimes, and guiding patients in book-inspired crafts. For example, ECBC has a booth at CHOC’s annual Halloween event where patients trick-or-treat for books, ECBC brings its mobile book cart to MaxLove Projects monthly Be Super Parties in the hospital library to give away books and sometimes host a story time with craft, and ECBC participates in CHOC’s inpatient cancer survivorship day with book crafting ables and book give-aways. Having a presence at larger hospital events helps to fulfill ECBC’s mission to make books and reading part of the landscape of kids’ everyday care at CHOC. 

To support BOOK IT 2020 and ECBC’s participation in hospital events, go to to donate. Note that per hospital requirements, ECBC only gives away brand new books, so the cost of a book give-away booth even at just a couple hour event can be pretty significant. THANK YOU for helping to honor cancer warriors and hospitalized kids during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! #BOOKIT2020 #books4choc #readthinkthrive #thriveagainstcancer #childhoodcancerawarenessmonth

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Storytime with Ethan & Choco: The Mightiest

Today’s storytime that aired at CHOC Children’s Seacrest Studios and broadcasted in patient rooms– written by a favorite picture book author of our family. To help ECBC go beyond our no-cost radio show to providing terrific books for hospitalized kids during covid, please go to to donate to ECBC’s virtual book drive.

Click above to view Ethan’s storytime

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Please Support the BOOK IT 2020 Virtual Book Drive!

Have you donated yet to ECBC’s BOOK IT 2020 Virtual bBook Drive?Due to COVID, we are unable to have our annual charity run. But our local hospitalized kids still need high-quality books and reading experiences! In fact, they need these now more than ever, with the usual CHOC volunteers, visitors, and entertainment suspended for safety reasons. We are working hard to fund our programs that don’t depend on volunteers entering the hospital — including our book bags for kids newly diagnosed with cancer and virtual book club sponsorships for teens that include a Kindle and a year’s worth of e-books (see below for all donation levels). Please donate if you can and help us continue to help hospitalized kids thrive through treatment! Make a monetary contribution at:

Click image above to donate

Even better, use this same link to “become a fundraiser” with your own BOOK IT donation page. Or, if you’d rather donate a book directly from our Amazon Wish List, click HERE. If you can’t donate, please help us spread the word by sharing this post!

BOOK IT 2020 Book Drive Donation Levels:

$20 Provide a hardcover book for bedside reading
$50 Provide 5 gifting library books for patients in isolation
$125 Sponsor a book bag for a new cancer diagnosis$250 Sponsor a teen with cancer for 1 yr in a virtual book clu
$500 Contribute 50 Halloween books for BOO-KS for Treats
$1000 Fund 1 month of Outpatient Infusion Center books

$2500 Sponsor one year of ECBC book storage space rental
$5000 Re-stock entire Mobile Gifting Library Cart

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Introducing Ethan’s Digital Read-Alouds for CHOC patients

Hi Ethan & Choco’s Book Club friends and supporters! Just a quick update from ECBC… CHOC halted all of our programs about two weeks ago due to the Coronavirus outbreak, since our programs all depend on our volunteers visiting the hospital. So, Ethan decided to create a read-aloud show (pre-recorded from home) where he shares his favorite children’s literature — to be broadcasted in patient rooms by Seacrest Studios (CHOC’s radio station). This way, ECBC can still bring high-quality read-aloud to hospitalized kids, and kids can still receive regular read-alouds that help them to escape, think, and thrive through treatment! Today, Seacrest Studios aired the first show! ECBC supporters, please share with your own kids if they are interested in listening to a good story! #StorytimeWithEthanandChoco #VisitorForBear #ECBC #ReadThinkThrive #ThriveAgainstCancer #StayStrongAndReadOn