Ethan & Choco's Book Club

Striving to make access to books and reading a core part of the care that SuperKids receive in the hospital

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Troop #3152 is Holding a Book Drive at Once Upon a Storybook, Sunday 12:30-5:30

Thank you Girl Scout Troop #3152 for teaming up with Ethan & Choco’s Book Club for your Bronze Award project!!  This awesome troop is holding a book drive to benefit ECBC at Once Upon a Storybook this Sunday from 12:30-5:30. A portion of every book sale between these hours will go to ECBC if you mention Troop 3152 at checkout. Please come by to support the troop’s efforts, ECBC, and our wonderful local bookstore!!

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Click here to view the troop’s ECBC BookFair Flyer.

Click here to view the troop’s You Tube video.

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Ethan & Choco’s Book Club LAUNCH PARTY at CHOC Children’s Hospital

img_0368Ethan had so much fun launching Ethan & Choco’s Book Club at CHOC Children’s Hospital yesterday! We had “Real Author Read Aloud” for around 2 hours and gave away approximately 250 books! Thank you MaxLove Project for letting us join your amazing Be Super Holiday Party, and thank you to Child Life at CHOC for hosting
us! We’re so grateful for the ongoing support of Susie Alexander and Once Upon a Storybook, Barry Ackerman and KidsREAD, and Courtney Collins and Milk & Bookies. And, we were so fortunate to be able to provide storytime by five wonderful children’s authors: Alane Adams, Stacia Deutsch, Sheri Fink, C.W Greunig, and Dan Paley — thank you! Finally, thank you to Alanni’s Gift of Words Club for your donation of so many copies of such a beautiful picture book (Wookiwoo, I love you).  We loved seeing all the reading and so many books in the lobby at CHOC!


Author Dan Paley reading aloud his terrific Luigi and the Barefoot Races



We’re grateful for the support of Author Alane Adams ( Ethan loves her picture books as well as her wonderful chapter book series The Legends of Orkney)


Ethan & Choco!


Thank you Audra and MaxLove!


Ethan with Leukemia survivor Audrey, who just donated a bunch of great books!


Thank you C.W Greunig for sharing your books with the patients!


Thank you Mrs. Kelly for donating great books for our launch party!

img_0372 img_0381 img_0372img_0365


Ethan with his oncologist, Dr. Hyunh, who was happy to see so many books at CHOC!





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ECBC Book Drive at SOCO and The OC Mix

img_0213ECBC had an amazing day yesterday at SOCO and The OC Mix in Costa Mesa! We crafted books with the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and the MaxLove Project. Girl Scout Troop 3115, who is working on their Bronze Medal with ECBC, sold beautiful handmade ornaments and beanies to help fund Ethan’s Read+Think+Thrive Boxes. And with the help of Susie and Once Upon a Storybook, we collected many books for our library collection at CHOC Hospital. It was such a beautiful day in the courtyard at SOCO filled with lots of giving and love! Thank you everyone who participated for  making this day a success. And thank you to our OC friends who came by — your support is always so appreciated!  img_0228img_0168img_0230img_0197img_0203img_0229img_0231 img_0235img_0186



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Taking advantage of Being Inpatient and Bringing a Bit of ECBC to CHOC!

img_1098Since we launched fundraising efforts for Ethan & Choco’s Book Club in December 2015, we’ve been working hard to raise money, collect books, build awareness and make connections in Orange County, and coordinate plans for starting up in the hospital. Our first official ECBC event at CHOC is a launching party planned for December 9th, where we plan to give away new books, have a few local authors read aloud, and engage patients in book-related crafting. Our hope is that shortly thereafter, at the start of 2017, we will begin implementation of phase 1 in the hospital, which is “Reading Aloud in Every Room” — where trained volunteers will visit patient rooms to read aloud and promote literacy skills, conversations, and good thinking. After getting this initial phase off the ground, we hope to move quickly to phase 2, which will involve mobile book carts visiting patient rooms and the start of a Lending Library at CHOC. We are excited to finally be approaching a start date at CHOC!

oct-20-ethans-first-radio-show-bEthan unfortunately had to be admitted at CHOC on Tuesday due to a fever and critically low blood counts (his absolute neutrophil count is 0, meaning he has no ability to fight infection). It is his first time being inpatient since before we launched ECBC, and being here reminds him just how much books and reading are needed at the hospital. As always, he sees patients on screens and on devices — but it’s nearly impossible to see anyone with a book! While visiting the hospital radio station on Thursday (his favorite place to when he’s here), Ethan turned to me and said,”Mom, can I just do something for ECBC now, since I’m at the hospital anyway?” What a great idea — why not take advantage of us being here and get some books into kids’ hands, even if informal and impromptu?! So we made a plan with the radio station manager for Ethan to host a show, cleared it with Child Life, and I rushed home to get a pile of new books from our Gifting Library. And at 4:00 on Thursday, Ethan went on air at the hospital (which goes into patient rooms)!!  He introduced himself and the mission of ECBC, read aloud two of his favorite books, and showed off book titles that he was giving away. About 15 kids ended up coming down to the station to choose books, and afterwards Ethan gave away another 15 books to oncology patients on the 5th floor. Ethan says “it was so awesome” to finally get to share his love of reading at CHOC, and he can’t wait to do more! Per the invitation of the radio station manager, it looks like a regular radio show hosted by Ethan is in the works!img_1093 img_1104




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ECBC at the Orange County Children’s Book Festival

092516-oc-book-festival-boothWe had such a great time at the Orange County Book Festival on Sunday! It was ECBC’s first time being at a public event (beyond our elementary school), and it was amazing to share what we are doing with other book-lovers and our broader Orange County community. We sold some merchandise and received some new book and cash donations, but more importantly we connected with a lot of people and spread awareness about our efforts to bring books to hospitalized kids! Ethan met numerous wonderful local authors who donated their own books, many of whom also expressed interest in being guest author readers at CHOC when we get things going there. Ethan had a blast presenting at the Storyteller’s Stage, where he shared his story and founding of ECBC with a captive audience of young readers and parents and then read aloud one of his favorite picture books. No shyness for this ambassador of reading — his only complaint was that he wanted a bigger stage and a bigger audience! And we were so excited to have a few girls from Girl Scout troop #3115 — who just joined forces with ECBC to help us collect books and other supplies for our new Read+Think+Thrive boxes (reading kits for kids battling cancer who can’t benefit from the hospital library because they are in isolation at CHOC or are at another hospital where they have limited access to books — more on this in another post!). Thank you, girls, for working so hard and collecting over 70 books for the reading kits! And, I think the best part of it all was watching Ethan sit front and center at the booth, proudly telling his story and sharing his cause to everyone who visited. I have no idea how he was able to do this tirelessly for 7 hours in the heat — a true sign of his tremendous commitment to this!


Ethan sharing his story with a Festival-goer!


Ethan was thrilled when CHOCO himself came by the booth!


Presenting on the Storyteller’s Stage

We thank Barry Ackerman (co-founder of the Book Festival) for helping get ECBC involved in this great event. And thank you also to Steve Murow for funding the booth space –we are so grateful for both of your support. Thank you also to Once Upon a Storybook for your ongoing support and collection of books for us through your fantastic customers. And of course thank you to our family and friends who came out in the heat to support us!!


Ethan with a few girls from Troop 3115


Ethan and Captain Tall Tale — how fun would it be to have him come read to kids at CHOC?!


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ECBC Will Be at the Orange County Children’s Book Festival on Sept 25th!

13775472_10153611016616583_6924202949298562887_nEthan & Choco’s Book Club is so excited to share that we will be hosting a booth at the Orange County Children’s Book Festival at Orange Coast College on Sunday, September 25th 2016, from 9:30-4:30. This is ECBC’s first event outside Ethan’s elementary school and our first large public event, and we are super excited to raise more awareness about ECBC’s mission to build a library at CHOC Children’s Hospital in Orange County!

You can support ECBC at the Book Festival by:

  • Visiting the ECBC booth, and encouraging your friends to come by too!
  • Buying and wearing ECBC merchandise.
  • Donating cash or new children’s books. One great way to donate new books is to purchase titles to donate from Once Upon a Storybook’s (an amazing local children’s bookstore) booth, which will be next to ECBC booth.
  • Come support Ethan at Storyteller’s Stage at 10:50, where he will tell kids about his story and experience in the hospital, explain why he founded ECBC, and read aloud a picture book.

Click HERE to watch his one-minute promotion video.
Click HERE to visit the Children’s Book Festival website and learn more about this awesome FREE event for kids. There will be a ton of authors, illustrators, professional storytellers, and many fun family activities.

Please share this post and spread the word!  ECBC hopes to see you at the Book Festival on September 25th!

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MaxLove Project’s Farm to Fork Dinner 2016

imgres-2MaxLove Project’s beautiful Farm to Fork dinner at Tanaka Farms is coming up, October 15, 2016. Please consider buying tickets and joining us for a super amazing evening that benefits MaxLove Project’s various thrivership programs (including ECBC). Also, please check out the link to the sponsorship deck and share it with anyone/O.C. business you think might be interested in a sponsorship opportunity. We’re still looking for an Ethan & Choco’s Book Club sponsor!

Click here for information on the MLP Farm t0 Fork event.
Click here to buy tickets!
Click here to see the 2016 Sponsorship Deck, including the ECBC sponsorship opportunity.
2016 Sponsorship Deck:…/MLP-F2F16Sponsorship+v16.p…