Ethan & Choco's Book Club

Striving to make access to books and reading a core part of the care that SuperKids receive in the hospital, with the principal premise that literacy support for children fighting cancer and other life-threatening conditions can help promote cognitive development and social connections that are part of thriving through treatment and beyond

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Ethan’s Ten Thrive Titles for February 2018

In this video, Ethan first thanks book donors from January 2018. We are especially grateful to picture book authors Ganit and Adir Levy for their super generous donation of 100 hardcover copies of their book, What Should Danny Do? We are excited to have copies of this beautiful and unique book in our Lending Library and to have so many to give away to kids in isolation. We’re also grateful for Chloe Rosenthal’s generous “birthday donation” — it has been such an honor when kids decide to share some of their birthday celebration by requesting book donations for hospitalized kids, instead of kids. Thank you Chloe!

In part 2 of this video, Ethan briefly describes the goal of his book request videos for 2018, which is to request books specifically foe his book boxes (called Read+Think+Thrive Boxes) for SuperKids diagnosed with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. He then shares his list of Ten Thrive Titles that are needed to fill book boxes for preschool-aged girls (the age-by-gender category that he is focusing on getting books for in the month of February). Books can be purchased and sent directly to Ethan & Choco’s Book Club by clicking on this link on Amazon. Or, these titles can be purchased for donation to ECBC at our local bookstore and amazing partner, Once Upon a Storybook. Each book box also comes with art and writing supplies so that kids can respond creatively to the books — these art supplies can be donated as well by clicking here.

Thank you for helping ECBC reach our goal of providing a book box to every new cancer diagnosis at CHOC Children’s Hospital!

To learn more about ECBC’s Read+Think+Thrive Boxes, click here!

Other books needed, in addition to the ten thrive titles for preschool-aged girls Read+Think+Thrive Boxes:

  • Ten Thrive Titles for preschool-aged boys. We still need many more copies of each book on this list to fill book boxes for preschool boys!  (Click here for January’s Book request video.)
  • ECBC’s General Wish List. We will ALWAYS need hardcover and paperback books for our permanent Lending Library and our special situations (including patients in isolation) Gifting Libraries at CHOC. 



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Last hospital book delivery as a patients who’s currently in treatment!

We just dropped off another 100 new books at the Outpatient Infusion Center (OPI) yesterday, when we were there for Ethan’s LAST spinal tap and chemo through port. 3 1/2 years of chemo at CHOC, and we’re now left with only a week of steroids, 24 days of oral chemo, and port removal surgery. It as been quite a few years, with so many hard times, but an equal number of joyful moments. Starting Ethan & Choco’s Book Club has been among the best to come out of this long hard journey. We’re so grateful to be able to give back to this wonderful hospital and to all the cancer warriors out there, and to be able to do so in a way that’s so meaningful and personal for both Ethan and me.

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ECBC New Year Update and Next Steps

With the new year upon us, we are excited to share a few of Ethan & Choco’s Book Club’s highlights of 2017 as well as our next steps for 2018. We spent the past year with continued efforts to bookraise, fundraise, form partnerships, and raise awareness about ECBC’s mission to bring books and reading to hospitalized kids. ECBC now boasts a library of approximately 8000 new books — 6,000 in our Gifting Library and 2,000 in our Lending Library!  Ethan continued with online book request videos by sharing each month a list of titles that we need, and books continued to come in the mail. We thank our community for the abundant support we received this past year from individuals, kids and youth groups, teachers and schools, a few small businesses, and at some community events. We are especially grateful for the support of our most significant and ongoing donors and partners, including: MaxLove Project, Kids READ!, Once Upon a Storybook, Tarbut ‘V Torah Community Day School, Blue Moon Boutique, Irvine Kiwanis Club, Arroyo Elementary School, Saddleback Educational Publishing, National League of Young Men Tustin, Girl Scout Troops 3152, 3115, 4204, and 3307, Mrs. Kelly’s 4th and 5th grade classes at Arroyo Elementary, Quintus Financial & Insurance, Enderle Center, DOGO Books, Aidan and Amie’s birthday book drive, Tod and Sharon Paris, Barry Ackerman, Mary and Vaso Adzich, Bill Bellaty, Rob and Brooke Lieberman, Alane Adams, Alexandra Aldawan, Ashley Netzky, the Sherrill Family, and Nancy Sewell. And, we are so very humbled by the CarterStrong Book Drive donation of more than 650 new books — 100 of which are being used to create the CarterStrong Legacy Collection, which will hold a permanent place in our lending library and represent Carter’s legacy of joy, kindness, and relentless bravery. 

Without doubt, the greatest highlight of the past year is that we collected enough new books to start getting books into the hands of CHOC Children’s Hospital patients on a regular basis! This occurred primarily through our monthly Super Book Give-Aways at CHOC as part of MaxLove Project’s Be Super Parties. We also started to fill the empty shelves with new books at CHOC’s Outpatient Infusion Center, and we held a super successful first annual Books for Treats at CHOC on Halloween, giving away approximately 300 new Halloween-themed books to kids stuck in the hospital over the holiday. And, with the help of committed Girl Scout Troop #3152, we delivered ten individually curated book boxes (called Read +Think + Thrive Boxes) to SuperKids (at CHOC and around the country) with new cancer diagnoses or who had recently relapsed. Ethan was especially proud of these deliveries and is inspiring ECBC to expand this program in 2018.  

Goals and Plans for 2018.  With a successful year behind us, we are so excited for 2018!  We’re going into this year with these six key goals:

  1. First and foremost, we plan to launch the initial phases of our inpatient programs, starting with our bedside reading program in the first part of 2018 (“Reading Aloud in Every Room”) and  our mobile book carts (including Lending and Gifting carts) in the latter half of 2018 (“Books in Every Room”). We are especially excited about the mobile book carts because they offer an innovative way to provide a lending library to hospitalized kids without requiring a huge amount of space (which we don’t have yet).
  2. We will continue with our book give-away parties at CHOC, where we give away new books from our Gifting Library to patients and siblings who are able to leave their hospital floor and go down to the lobby. This includes the monthly parties with MaxLove Project as well as Books for Treats on Halloween.
  3. We are super thrilled to be working with MaxLove Project to create an ECBC library at MaxLove Project’s new outpatient survivorship center!!  We plan to create a beautiful, cozy reading corner with open-faced shelving, comfy seating, and books for all ages so that books and reading aloud are part of this beautiful healing space that helps SuperKids thrive through cancer treatment and beyond.
  4. We plan to create additional book nooks in various locations at the hospital that provide new books and reading for patients who otherwise are likely waiting with nothing to do or looking at screens. We will continue to provide books for the Outpatient Infusion Center, and we will work on creating new book nooks at the oncology clinic, the hospital admission waiting area, and in Radiology.
  5. We are excited to scale up Ethan’s Read+Think+Thrive Box program from the informal giving of boxes to more systematic distribution. With the new year, we have promised CHOC to work on a goal of providing a new book box to every new cancer diagnosis, which is about 5-10 boxes per month. Ethan decided to focus his monthly book request videos on asking for the specific books that are needed to fill each of twelve categories of book box recipients. Check out Ethan’s January book request video here, where he shares the titles needed for book boxes for preschool boys.
  6. This year, we are holding our first ECBC community fundraising event, called BOOK IT! Racing for Reading for Hospitalized Kids. This is a 5K race/1K Fun Run at Orange Coast College on Monday, May 28th (Memorial Day). Participants will receive a BOOK IT! T-shirt, medal, and electronic timing, and Kiwanis Club of Irvine will provide an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast for $4 or a new book donation. We’re hoping for a fantastic turnout!  In addition to the race, we will work on renewing momentum for fundraising, continue to bookraise, and hopefully form many more partnerships with individuals, youth groups,  schools, and corporations. Especially as we give away increasing numbers of books and launch our inpatient programs, we will need significant ongoing support for sustainability. 

Please help us have a good start to 2018 by donating to ECBC in one of these ways:

  • Register for our race, BOOK IT!  Or, if you can’t make the race, on the race registration site you can donate $20 for a new book or $100 to sponsor a Read+Think+Thrive Box for a child with a new cancer diagnosis. Click here to register. 
  • Make a one-time donation or a recurring donation on our fundraising page. Click here to donate. 
  • Purchase books from our Amazon Wish List to donate to our Lending and Gifting libraries, or  contribute to our Read+Think+Thrive Boxes for new cancer diagnoses at CHOC — click here to access and donate from the list of books we need for preschool boys.

We can’t wait to continue to work on making books and reading a core part of the care that CHOC patients receive! THANK YOU for being part of our efforts!

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Ethan’s Ten Thrive Titles for January 2018

In this video, Ethan thanks our donors from December 2017. He also starts off this year of monthly book request videos by describing the focus of his book requests for 2018, which is to request books specifically for his book boxes (called Read+Think+Thrive Boxes) for SuperKids diagnosed with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. As you’ll learn in this video, each month Ethan will share his list of Ten Thrive Titles that are needed to fill a book box for each of 12 ageX gender categories. Here, he shares the Ten Thrive Titles that are needed for preschool-aged boys. Books can be purchased and sent directly to Ethan & Choco’s Book Club by clicking on this link on amazon, or they can be purchased online from our local bookstore and amazing partner, Once Upon a Storybook. Each book box also comes with art and writing supplies so that kids can respond creatively to the books — these art supplies can be donated as well by clicking here. Thank you for helping ECBC reach our goal of providing a book box to every new cancer diagnosis at CHOC Children’s Hospital!

If you prefer to donate books to our Lending or Gifting Libraries at CHOC, we need books for our library program as well! Click here for our ECBC Wish List on Amazon.

To learn more about ECBC’s Read+Think+Thrive Boxes, click here!


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Thank You CarterStrong Community for your Incredible Donation

Please check out Ethan’s video thanking the CarterStrong community and the CarterStrong Bucket List Book Drive for their amazing donation of 665 new books for ECBC and hospitalized kids at CHOC Children’s Hospital! ECBC is so honored to get to have a part in carrying on Carter’s legacy with this remarkable donation as well as with the special CarterStrongForever Legacy Collection that will forever be a part of  the library at CHOC. The library will be CarterStrong FOREVER!! 




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ECBC’s Super Holiday Book Give-Away Was a Success!

ECBC had so much fun today with the MaxLove Project at the BeSuper Holiday Party at CHOC Children’s Hospital! Kids crafted ornaments, received toys from the amazing student veterans of Saddleback College, met children’s book author Alane Adams and received signed copies of her beautiful “Thief” picture books, and picked out holiday-themed books to keep! And afterwards, we delivered toys and holiday books to the Outpatient Infusion Center—their shelves are stocked with books again! Thank you Child Life at CHOC for hosting us — we are so honored to be able to give back and bring holiday cheer to hospitalized SuperKids! 

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Ethan’s December Title Talk (and November Thank-You’s)

Here’s Ethan’s December 2017 Title Talk (#12), the list of books he hopes will be donated to ECBC in the month of December! This list features Ethan’s favorite holiday books that he wants to make sure are available in our Lending Library.  Books can be purchased easily off our ECBC Wish List on Amazon, and will be sent directly to ECBC. The link to the wish list is:

If you want to donate a holiday-themed book for our December book give-away events, please click on this link to access our extensive wish list of holiday books that honor a variety of backgrounds and traditions: Holiday-themed books are especially important for kids stuck in the hospital during the holiday season, since hospitalized kids often are isolated from school, community and even family celebrations. Good holiday books with rich stories can spark good holiday-themed conversations, help families create  special holiday memories around stories, and help kids travel outside their hospital room to holiday celebrations around the world.

Also in this video, Ethan thanks our amazing donors in the month of November, including the CarterStrong community, Tarbut V’Torah, Danielle Clawson, Bill Bellaty, and Once Upon a Storybook customers. We are so thankful for these generous and significant donations!

Click here for Ethan’s November Title Talk video.
Click here to purchase books to donate off our Amazon Wish List.
Click here to purchase books to donate off our Amazon HOLIDAY Book Wish List.