Ethan & Choco's Book Club

Striving to make access to books and reading a core part of the care that SuperKids receive in the hospital, with the principal premise that literacy support for children fighting cancer and other life-threatening conditions can help promote cognitive development and social connections that are part of thriving through treatment and beyond

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Storytime with Ethan & Choco: A Hungry Lion

Here’s Ethan’s read-aloud show that is being aired today by the radio station at CHOC Children’s Hospital. A Hungry Lion, or a Dwindling Assortment of Animals…If you aren’t familiar with this picture book, share this with your kiddos. It has a surprising and super funny ending! #StorytimeWithEthanandChoco #HungryLion #ECBC #ReadThinkThrive #ThriveAgainstCancer #StayStrongAndReadOn

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Storytime with Ethan & Choco: Enemy Pie

Ethan’s read-aloud that was aired on CHOC’s radio station in patient rooms today. A silly book with a fun concept that may even inspire kiddos to write their own books for the adults in their lives to read aloud! #StorytimeWithEthanandChoco #TheBookWithNoPictures #ECBC #ReadThinkThrive #ThriveAgainstCancer #StayStrongAndReadOn

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Storytime with Ethan & Choco: Officer Buckle & Gloria

Ethan’s read aloud that is being aired on CHOC Children’s radio station today — a funny story that is sure to make patients laugh! #StorytimeWithEthanandChoco #OfficerBuckle #ECBC #ReadThinkThrive #ThriveAgainstCancer #StayStrongAndReadOn

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Finally, a book bag delivery!

All ECBC program’s have been on hold for the past two months per CHOC Children’s Hospital’s COVID-19 rules, as all of our programs require our volunteers to visit the hospital. We all miss being able to get high-quality books and reading to patients, especially to the kids who are enduring long and/or hard battles. So, Ethan and I were thrilled yesterday when we had the opportunity to hand off a Read+Think+Thrive Bag to Ethan’s oncologist at CHOC so that she could deliver it to an eight-year-old girl who was just diagnosed with cancer. Not the usual way we receive book bag requests (the request came from Ethan’s oncologist during his own Zoom oncology visit) and not our typical delivery method (the hand-off happened in the CHOC parking lot outside the entrance to the oncology clinic, rather than by volunteer delivery inside the hospital)… but it felt so good to be able to give the the gift of reading to this young girl. We have so missed doing this!

As an aside, note our use of a “book bag” rather than “book box”. This is the first time that Read+Think+Thrive supplies (books and book-crafting items) were packaged in a bag! A few months ago, CHOC’s Infectious Disease department informed us that we could no longer use cardboard boxes, so we are now transitioning to a “Read+Think+Thrive Bag” rather than box. We will miss the kid/largely Girl Scout- decorated boxes, but we are super excited about this bag — which is more functional (kids can actually re-use it) and can provide a tangible reminder for kids to bring books with them to their hospital visits. We think they look pretty great too! (Thanks to Emily Frye!)

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Storytime with Ethan & Choco: Clever Jack Takes the Cake

Here’s today’s storytime with Ethan & Choco that was aired at CHOC Children’s Hospital’s radio today and broadcasted in patient rooms. This is a terrific little story — please share with young viewers who might be interested! #StorytimeWithEthanandChoco #CleverJack #ECBC #ReadThinkThrive #ThriveAgainstCancer #StayStrongAndReadOn 

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Storytime with Ethan & Choco: After the Fall

Ethan’s storytime that was broadcasted on CHOC Children’s radio station today! This is a fun, clever story about getting up after a “great fall”! #StorytimeWithEthanandChoco #AfterTheFall #ECBC #ReadThinkThrive #ThriveAgainstCancer #StayStrongAndReadOn