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Striving to make access to books and reading a core part of the care that SuperKids receive in the hospital, with the principal premise that literacy support for children fighting cancer and other life-threatening conditions can help promote cognitive development and social connections that are part of thriving through treatment and beyond

30 Ways ECBC Helps Cancer Warriors Thrive Through Treatment: Day #9 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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Sept 9. The 9th way that ECBC helps kids thrive through cancer treatment is by gifting personally curated sets of books to patients and siblings at Miracle Manor’s December holiday party (Miracle Manor is a home subsidized by Miracles For Kids for low-income CHOC families with critically ill children). While it is unclear whether ECBC will be able to lead the storytime with Santa this year per Covid restrictions, we are super excited to be able to help Miracle Manor kids celebrate the holidays with beautiful high-quality literature.

To help fund the books needed for this, go to go to — $10 provides one gifting library books and $50 provides five gifting library books. THANK YOU for supporting BOOK IT and helping to honor cancer warriors during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

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