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Striving to make access to books and reading a core part of the care that SuperKids receive in the hospital, with the principal premise that literacy support for children fighting cancer and other life-threatening conditions can help promote cognitive development and social connections that are part of thriving through treatment and beyond

30 Ways ECBC Helps Cancer Warriors Thrive Through Treatment: Day #13 of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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Sept. 13. The 13th way that ECBC helps hospitalized kids thrive through treatment with books and reading is with our Book Bands reading incentive program. Whenever patients say “yes” to bedside reading or participate in an ECBC hosted event or activity, they receive one of ten colored silicon bands (each with a different phrase about reading). If they collect all ten, they get to pick out a book to keep from the mobile book cart (or they may choose an ECBC t-shirt or a blank book crafting item such as a blank book or blank board game set). Rewarding reading with more opportunities to read or craft about reading—a powerful way to motivate thrivership. And it’s pretty cool to see a patient wearing a bunch of these!

To support BOOK IT by helping to fund ECBC’s Book Bands, go to Donate $15 to cover the cost of fifty book bands, and $300 funds one thousand bands. THANK YOU for helping to honor cancer warriors and hospitalized kids during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

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