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BOO-KS for Treats #3 Was a Success!

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ECBC had a BLAST yesterday hosting our 3rd annual BOO-KS for Treats at CHOC’s Halloween event! We gave away approximately 400 new high-quality Halloween-themed books to patients and their siblings who trick-or-treated at the hospital, and we then delivered another 100 Halloween books to CHOC’s Outpatient Infusion Center. This is a favorite event for ECBC — it’s so fun to be behind the thrill that kiddos (and their parents) express when coming up on our booth and realizing they get to pick out a wonderful book or two (or five!) to add to their stash of candy and trinkets!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Halloween book drive leading up to BOO-KS for Treats — which requires a large number of specific titles to be collected quite quickly! A huge thank you to the National League of Young Men Yorba Linda (Class of 2023) for the amazing collection of books that you donated for this event, and also for creating BOO-KS for Treats bookmarks and writing personal notes to patients — we handed these out with the books and they were a great addition to our booth! Thank you also to Arroyo families for purchasing Halloween books to donate at the Scholastic Book Fair as well as to Sharon and Tod Paris, Nick and Pat Kliebert, the Stubblefield family, Christine Russell, and Susie Alexander for their significant book donations. And, thank you to all other donors who sent books from our Amazon Wish list or dropped a book in ECBC’s book box. We so appreciate our community’s support in making this event happen!

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