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Striving to make access to books and reading a core part of the care that SuperKids receive in the hospital, with the principal premise that literacy support for children fighting cancer and other life-threatening conditions can help promote cognitive development and social connections that are part of thriving through treatment and beyond

Books for Cancer Survivor Day at CHOC!

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Ethan & Choco’s Book Club had a great time giving away books to oncology patients today at CHOC’s inpatient Cancer Survivors Day party! We got to use our Gifting Library Cart for the first time, and passed out everything from board books for toddlers to popular graphic novels for middle grade kids to romance and horror chapter books for teens. It was so fun to be on the giving end of things, especially on the oncology floor! #ECBC#HospitalizedKidsNeedBooksToo #ReadThinkThrive

One thought on “Books for Cancer Survivor Day at CHOC!

  1. How much fun! Congrats on doing what you want to be doing! Hurray for ECBC!!

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