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Striving to make access to books and reading a core part of the care that SuperKids receive in the hospital, with the principal premise that literacy support for children fighting cancer and other life-threatening conditions can help promote cognitive development and social connections that are part of thriving through treatment and beyond

Ethan’s Book Flash #1, The Other Boy (M.G. Hennessey)


416rnfpjmel-_sx329_bo1204203200_Here’s Ethan’s first “Book Flash”, his request for a specific title that he wants to make sure is in the library that ECBC is building at CHOC Children’s Hospital! Please check out his video and consider donating this book or any of the other books on the ECBC Wish List on Amazon (link below).  Books purchased from this list will be sent directly to ECBC.  Thank you!

Click HERE for Book Flash #1.

Click HERE to go to ECBC’s Wish List on Amazon.

12 thoughts on “Ethan’s Book Flash #1, The Other Boy (M.G. Hennessey)

  1. I would be happy to donate copies, I’m thrilled that Ethan requested it!

    • So cool to get a response from you!!! That would be amazing! Ethan is currently battling Leukemia and is super passionate about building a library at the hospital where he’s being treated and helping to make sure that kids have access to books and reading. He was very excited when I shared with him that you wrote back and will donate some copies, thank you!!

      YOu can donate via the amazon wish list link on the post, or just send books directly to us at:
      Ethan & Choco’s Book Club
      11451 Plantero Drive
      Santa Ana, CA 92705

      Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you so much!!!!

  3. Just let me know the best address to send them to- I also can ask my publisher to donate some.

  4. Hi MG – We received 8 great books from Harper Collins today. I’m wondering if these were sent by you/your publisher?

  5. So awesome, thank you so much!

  6. Hi MG. We just received your package, thank you!! The 3 hardcover copies of your books will go to our Lending Library at the hospital. The hospital only will take new books, so the two paperback books that look new enough will to our Gifting Library (which is for kids in isolation who, per hospital policy, aren’t allowed to borrow books). The other 3 books which look used / have kids’ names in it) will go to the library we’re creating at a new cancer center for kids that is outpatient so the new rule doesn’t apply. Thank you so much for your donation!

    • Great! Sorry about the used ones, my kids got excited and wanted to donate some of their favorites from their bookshelves. Hope that was ok! xoMG

      • They were wonderful titles!! The hospital is just super strict about only allowing new books in…but kids will appreciate them in our outpatient center (also for kids battling cancer). We appreciate all of them, thank you!!

      • Great! I totally understand. We are constantly cleaning out our shelves because new books continually come in, so if used books are an option let us know! xoMG

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